The classic Parker-Hale .22 calibre sound moderator has been in continuous production for over 50 years and has not been bettered. When used with sub-sonic ammunition it is one of the most effective silencers available today. Both the lightweight alloy and steel options can be easily taken apart for cleaning.
Fits a ½” x 20 tpi thread (½” long) which must be cut at the muzzle in accurate alignment with the bore. When fitting to air rifles, a threaded coupling may be used with one of a number of different adaptors. Check with the Parker-Hale Customer Service department for advice on what’s required.

The Law
Legislation regarding the use of sound moderators varies in different countries around the world. In the UK, moderators fitted to .22 cartridge firing weapons require a variation to the Firearm Certificate before purchase. Air rifle “silencers” do not need a licence or certificate. Check with your local gun shop if in doubt about any regulations.

Note: An export licence will be required for the purchase of a sound moderator outside of the UK.

Parker-Hale Muzzle Brake

Extensively field tested under all conditions, the Parker-Hale muzzle brake is one of the most efficient available. It incorporates a design principle adopted for military sniping use with effectively reduces recoil by as much as 40%.


Parker-Hale offers a comprehensive range of bi-pods, including the Harris ultra-light series, the S-series swivel type and accompanying adaptors and studs. They are suitable for most rifles except Mannlicher stocked models and some Schnabel forend stocks.
The original Parker-Hale military pattern bi-pod, with or without friction lock, has been a firm favourite with serious shooters for many years and is available in both lightweight alloy or steel.

Following a cost-saving “re-evaluation” engineering exercise and design simplification of components, the new improved model (BIAC189) offers excellent value for money with exceptional quality standards. Independently extending legs with secure ratchet mechanism, fast-action deployment, multi-positioning mount and full field-strip ability complete a range of features in a neat, fold-away package that’s suitable for the heaviest calibre shoulder-fired weapon.

The compatible handstop/mount assemble is designed to fit most rifle stocks.